Effective Tips to Memorise Physics Formulas and Concepts

Effective Tips to Memorise Physics Formulas and Concepts

Did you know that the Mnemonic device and sticky notes can help you memorise a formula? If not, know it now!

A formula is an epigrammatic way of expressing information symbolically. No doubt, formulas are an integral and significant part of the Physics subject, which need to be applied to solve various problems. This hints at the fact that learning and memorising Physics formulas is inevitable to score maximum marks. So, here are some amazing tips for you to memorise Physics formulas and concepts. Go through them as under-

  1. Develop interest in the concepts- You must know that you can memorise Physics concepts and formulas only when you have a keen interest in the subject. Lack of interest or a feeling of demotivation, you cannot push yourself to work harder. So, develop your interest and be determined to understand and learn the concepts.
  2. Understand the derivation- To remember any formula or a concept, try to first learn the concept behind it, its conditions and its meaning of it. The trick here is to draw a relevant graph or diagram of that formula so that your mind establishes a picture of that formula.
  3. Create a mnemonic device- This is one of the most interesting ways to remember a formula. Here, you need to create a story around that formula in order to remember it. For instance, if you are learning E= MC², you can remember with elephants (E) are afraid of mice (m) and critters (c). This way, you will never forget the formula.
  4. Practice more and more- Practicing the formula is inevitable if you want to learn it. Practising each and every formula can take time but once you have had a knack for it, you will remember it for a long time. You can also solve practice questions that use that specific formula to get to the answer.
  5. Use sticky notes- Well, this is a proven tip to remember anything and everything. You can write the formulas on sticky notes and paste them at the places where you frequently visit during the day. For instance, you can paste the sticky note on the bathroom mirror, laptop, refrigerator, study table, bedroom door etc. So, whenever you will cross this place, you will revise it and learn it.
  6. Keep distractions at bay- You must be properly disciplined for serious studies. Whether it's listening to music, texting friends, partying, having long phone calls or browsing the internet, you need to limit all these things. If you are distracted easily by the things around you then in no way can you concentrate on the concepts & formulas and learn them.

In addition, you should also make it a habit to revise the formulas early morning to retain them for a longer time. In case you face difficulty understanding any formula, you can approach the FIITJEE faculty. The faculty has years of experience and knows exactly what it takes to make a student understand and learn different formulas and concepts. Once the derivation/origin of the formula is clear, you will take no time to memorise it.

So, it’s time that you make Physics your much-loved subject and excel in it! Good luck!